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Alison Beaumont

Alison Beaumont is a multidisciplinary artist living on the traditional and unceded territory of the Sylix Okanagan peoples, her work is primarily focussed on climate awareness and her own experiences of connection to land and ecological sorrow. She hopes through art that she can inspire changes in our daily existence to avert the climate crisis. We all have a part to play, no matter how small. Incrementally changes build, if we preserve our forests and old growth, biodiversity can rebuild, if we consciously consume less, our resources and water can flourish again. Each small act builds and grows, the Earth will survive without us, but we cannot survive if we do not change our actions and ways of knowing and doing.

The Feels uses sound to express ecological sorrow, while also acknowledging that there is still hope in the world, and that we all have a part to play no matter how small. We often find ourselves in a constant cycle of feeling hopeful and then hopeless many times a day, as news and information enters our lives and affects our emotions. Alison’s work often begins with a poem (see below), and The Feels expresses this cycle.The work is presented as a luminescent box, and the lock on the box says “FEELS”, each line of the poem is represented by sounds recorded, created and edited by the artist. As you move by the box, you will find that your movements start different sounds, which can be individual or may merge with others bringing sounds together and overlaying.

“The Feels”
Joy Radiates. Smile,
Feel The Spark,
Dancing Light,
Luminescent Light,
Eyes lower, close,
Fade to Black,
Water, gentle,
Torrent rising,
Hearts Breaking,
Sorrow, Pain,
Land will heal,
Hope begins,
Joy Radiates. Smile.

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