Juliet Palmer

Juliet Palmer’s music has come to life under a highway off-ramp, in a swimming pool, in the plastic flotsam of a remote beach and in concert halls across North America, Europe and Oceania. Originally from Aotearoa New Zealand, Juliet makes her home in Toronto where she is artistic director of Urbanvessel, a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Recent works: Oil & Water (for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra) chronicles the ecological and political watershed; Every Word Was Once An Animal with artists Carla Bengtson and Jessie Rosa Vala and choreographer Darion Smith (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Oregon) explores inter-species communication through dance, music, scent and image; Ukiyo, floating world (Urbanvessel and Thin Edge New Music) follows the drift of ideas and plastic across oceans. The album “rivers” is available online: https://music.apple.com/us/album/rivers/1338249113

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