Mayumi Lashbrook

Mayumi Lashbrook is a Japanese Canadian settler in Tkaronto who seeks to expose, challenge, and rectify systems of oppression by creating innovative, introspective and inclusive dance theatre. She sees embodiment as at the crux of world making, providing alternatives to unconscious thought, consumerism and oppression. Her primary practices span performance, choreography, education and Artistic Direction. Mayumi is the Co-Artistic Director of Hamilton based Aeris Körper, a facilitator of Dreamwalker Dance’s Conscious Bodies methodology, and the Communications and Outreach Manager for the Canadian Dance Assembly. She is currently studying Butoh and composition in a year-long mentorship with renowned Japanese Canadian dance-theatre artist Denise Fujiwara. Mayumi’s different roles are all-encompassing and overlapping. This enables her to approach projects and communities with openness, curiosity, excellence, and with deep satisfaction.

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