Charmaine Lurch

Charmaine Lurch is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work draws attention to human-environmental relationalities. Lurch’s paintings and sculptures are conversations on infrastructures and the spaces and places we inhabit. Working with a range of materials and reimagining our surroundings—from bees and taxi cabs to The Tempest and quiet moments of joy, Lurch subtly connects Black life and movement globally.

Lurch offers us materials that are seemingly simple and familiar. Figures marked in charcoal perform dynamic movements, allowing us to visualize active presence. Paint both pleases and jars vision to create new ways of seeing and knowing. Wire takes up space, is a drawing in space, wire moves through space. The formations cast shadows, trace landscapes, and act as a means to mark the inside/outside of things. These elements are her expressive and textural messengers. Bound together with research, they create signifying forms that seek to re-configure and rewire perception and ideas.

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