Flora Aldridge

Flora Aldridge is an artist and educator passionate about interdisciplinary approaches to climate justice. Flora hopes to deepen our connection to the natural more-than-human world through food exploration, art practice, and sustainable agriculture. Through her involvement in multiple community-lead projects and work as a facilitator within educational programs, Flora aims to build food and art communities centred around climate justice. She strongly believes in the role that food can play in building relationships between us and our environment.

As an artist, Flora’s practice is centred around place-based care, fostering empathy, and developing a deeper intimacy with the natural world. Flora’s work deals with complex mental processes, namely the intricacies of memory and distorted recollection. Her work aims to expose, encapsulate, and preserve moments of time. Through conscious interpretation and personalization, Flora’s work strives to evoke connections between people as well as people and place.

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