Mark Heine … project name is “Sirens”

Artist and Author Mark Heine has come to realize he’s a story teller. Writing has long been a key component in his creative process. A written narrative accompanies each of his paintings, and several of his articles on painting have been published. The symbiotic relationship of these two distinct disciplines has led to a unique approach to both. His paintings, all captured moments in a larger story. Bringing one of those stories to life – to larger than life – marrying fiction to painting, is the focus of his most recent works … the Sirens series. His Sirens book is a work of fiction in the genre of magical realism and intended for young adults. The story examines humankind’s ambiguous and often destructive relationship with the natural world. Heine hopes the underlying message of his writing will promote sustainable thinking and environmental stewardship in young people. Each of his Sirens paintings is the visualization of a key moment in his manuscript.
In a career spanning 35 years in the arts, his work for clients such as Disney, Sony, Microsoft and Starbucks, have led to more than forty national and international awards. A succession of well received solo and group shows in galleries across North America and Europe, has brought his work to galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Santa Fe and Chicago where he’s been showing with some of the most recognized artists in North America. Heine’s art can be found in galleries, publications, private and corporate collections around the world

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