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Currently designing a project of radio drama miniseries with a companion interactive web platform. Focusing on solarpunk narratives, this broadcast/podcast’s episodes are set 15 years ahead in a radically refashioning Canadian urban-scape. Anglophone, Francophone, Allophone, and Indigenous community members liaison across Montreal and Ottawa to continue adapting with climate-resilient housing, localization of food, energy, and healthcare resource generation and recycling operations, and community governance practices to address fair distribution and trade agreements. This “speculative realism” story crafting includes humour, sober and optimistic projections of near-future potentials to build toward. Covering a year of neighbours extending a network of residential/industrial eco-complexes, the project aims for collaborative episode building with scriptwriters and actors. To represent realistic urban futures, a majority of cast and crew will also be disabled and/or racialized.
Technicians will support site-specific recordings, live audience readings, and a website with links to reports on current science and social innovations that figure in the storylines. Aspiring to accelerate audience discussions of “how to get there from here” and catalyze infrastructural actions, the project imagines national CBC promotion of discussion forums, moderated on the website, and in a series of live and online events. Teachers assign students to submit their own related proposals for plot developments, and feasible civic steps. As “Canada Reads” links book clubs to process one text en groupe, households and peer teams can host new episode parties for listening, transcript reading, ASL or LSQ video reviewing together. The project also entails tracking resources use for its production, modeling clear reporting of what aspects it measures and how it plans to reduce the impacts during and post-production.
Here for scaling up agitation-propaganda, with character arcs generative for audiences, i welcome collaborators! And participating in others’ community-mobilizing artwork initiatives.

bio: i’m a white disabled trans immigrating writer, performer, organizer, facilitator.

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