Nicole Dextras

My focus as an artist is to create environmental art that roots nature into our everyday urban experience. I work across diverse mediums, blending textile arts, natural materials, performance, photography, and most recently film, to create ephemeral installations and social interventions.

My current project A Dressing the Future is a trilogy of short films set in a dystopian future marked by fires, drought and floods. Each devastated landscape is inhabited by a lone survivor who overcomes the odds through their resilience and resourcefulness. The characters are loosely based on Greek myths that predict an apocalyptic disaster: Persephone’s capture makes the planet go fallow, Chronos assures his seat of power by eating his own children and Pyrrha repopulates the earth with boulders of clay after a great flood.

My artistic commitment to ecology is based both in the meaning of my work and also in my methodology. For the past 15 years I have been dedicated to using only sustainable and low impact materials in my work. The principal concept behind my art practice is that Art’s place in the environmental movement is to engage our imaginations into developing a more sustainable future.

Notable environmental art exhibitions include: “Courants Vert”, in Paris, “Hybris-
A possible ecoesthetic approach” in Leon Spain, “States of Collapse”, Regina SK, “Modest Forms of Biocultural Hope”, Bellingham, WA, “Earth Art”, Vancouver, BC.

My work has been supported by BC Arts Grants, Canada Council Grants, the Surface Design Craftivism Award and the Art of Healing Network Environmental Artist Award. In 2020, my work was featured on a stamp for the United Nations’ Earth Day Collection, NYC, NY.

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