Project SculpShore

Whale hello there!

Project SculptShore is a Art, Action, and Education initiative launching for its first of many campaigns on World Oceans Day June 8th 2022.

For our first installment we have partnered with local artist at the BernArt Maze in creating a life size baby North Atlantic Right Whale sculpture, modeled after the calf of Snow Cone, the North Atlantic Right Whale featured in the documentary, Last of the Right Whales. This interactive sculpture is fillable and will be used to collect washed-up debris during organized shoreline cleanups across the Maritimes. We will be engaging communities in shoreline cleanups by creating a social media sought-after summer selfie with our baby whale. Changing the narrative of conservation engagement from focusing on the problem to showing people that they are, and can continue to be an integral part of the solution, leaving them educated, empowered, excited to participate in other initiatives.

We will feature a member of the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Marine Team at each event to provide additional information on the North Atlantic Right Whale and the entanglement and boat strike issues they are facing. Your work is very crucial to the sustainability of our planet and we think it would fit in well with our “Bigger Splash Campaign ” where participants can learn about the tangible solutions currently being developed by ocean industries such as ropeless fishing gear with CFWs canFISH, and the Ocean Tracking Networks Glider Program. We are also looking to feature smaller scale actions that they can accomplish as individuals for the betterment of our oceans, such as ways to reduce plastics, and how to engage children in shoreline cleanups, or writing to your local representative about changing government policy.

This initiative is part of the Canadian Conservation Corps, run by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. We are competing in the international Oceanwise Innovation Lab and Competition and we strongly believe in this project’s potential to make a difference not only this year but as this art to action initiative extends and expands in the coming years.

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