Virginia Gail Smith

Local Nations

Eco Region

Virginia is a public and installation artist, currently working in Petawawa, Omàmìwininìwag -Algonquin territory. She is interested in forging a language rooted in her connection with family and the earth. Exploring the marrying of food into art with growing biological forms enveloping foraged local plant life, creating with the context of walking gently. Conversations mingle with the honouring of culture, family and connection to the land in a collaborative public walking tour of sculptures, stories and songs with traditional knowledge keepers Trish Nadjiwon-Meekins, Susan Staves (Schank) in Owen Sound of the Saukiing Anishnaabekiing (SON). She also may use a climate language of cardboard and plastic to initiate dialogue on what is next for us and the earth. Her ancestors reside in England and the Ukraine.

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