“Song of the Siren” is a magical realism painting of a siren on the shore with a ship in the background

Song of the Siren” Opening Show

“Song of the Siren” features some works from my ongoing Sirens series. Sirens is a group of magical realism paintings that now numbers close to 100 works. Each painting is a visualization of a key moment in my soon to be completed Sirens book. The first in a series, the Sirens book is a work of fiction in the genre of magical realism and intended for a young adult audience. It’s a contemporary interpretation of the Siren mythology made infamous as the Femme Fatal of Homer’s Odyssey, although my interpretation of the Siren is quite different. The story is very Canadian and set on the rugged and remote west coast of Vancouver Island where Eurocentric eastern cultures come face to face with the ancient western cultures of the Coast Salish First Nations people who inhabited this coast as the first humans to arrive in North America some 30 thousand years ago. Although half a world away, ancient Greek mythology and Coast Salish mythology have some interesting similarities. The underlying theme of the story examines humankind’s ambiguous and often destructive relationship with the natural world that sustains us. Most specifically the world’s oceans, which had been evolving for 400 million years before the first flipper ever set foot on land. Seven tenth of the Earth’s surface if under water but we know little of the society of life that dwells below the surface. My hope is to give the Oceans a voice in the conversation of how we treat this world. Too capture the imagination of young readers and to promote sustainable thinking and environmental stewardship.  https://www.mheine.com/studio-news.html

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