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Final Artist Immersion Session – Metabolizing Human Wrongs

What might it take to un-numb to the pains and pleasures of our entanglement with non-human beings and the systems by which they are subjected to extraction and extinction? In what ways can artistic practices be an enzyme that supports our digestion of difficult and complex emotions which arise as we increasingly face Climate and Nature Emergency? What are practices that might help us tend to, metabolize and compost the affects of this wit(h)nessing?

In this session participants will be invited to engage with some of the embodied exercises developed by artists integrating the 2022/23 PWIAS artist digital residency who have been investigating practices to expand the limited sensorium of modernity and develop sources of stamina for the slow and challenging work of moving beyond common patterns of simplistic solutions, remaining grounded and attentive to what it means to be human within a wider web of relations.

The experiential session will include practices created by Alysha Seriani, Andréa Monteiro, Cadence Planthara, Carolina Duque, Clifford Berrien, Kimberly Skye Richards, Reed Jackson, Melanie Kloetzel, Naser Al Sughaiyer, Willow Cioppa and Sidi Chen, throughout a nine months online program, a series of 6 artistic practice immersion sessions and week-long in person residency curated by Dani d’Emilia.

Space is limited to 20 participants.

Climate Justice and Artistic Practices

Discover the ways artistic practices are making an impact in how we talk about climate change, implement climate action, and imagine a healthy future. Understand ways artistic practices can bring together diverse voices, stories and experiences to support transformative conversations,
support community, influence wider cultural conversations on climate change to advance climate justice and empower people to take action.
Speakers include: Chantal Stormsong Chagnon, Alana Bartol, Nikki Martens and Melanie Kloetzel

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