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Green Kids Inc.

Green Kids Inc. is a live-theatre company dedicated to environmental education through performance! Our mission is to educate children, teachers and families on environmental issues and inspire them to be tomorrow’s leaders by taking positive action towards protecting our environment.

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Will Weigler

I am a theatre director, playwright, producer, and professional storyteller, now living and working on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish Peoples. I have written five books on different approaches to co-creating theatre with people in communities about the issues that matter to them. In the past two years I have been working with the International Centre of Art for Social Change as a mentor for several emerging artists creating community-based performance work around issues of climate change activism and sustainability. I have borrowed a personal credo from Philip Pullman who writes: “Responsibility and delight can co-exist.”

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Acting for Climate Montreal

Acting for Climate Montréal’s mission is to work towards a more
sustainable future by combining performing arts and environmentalism.

To achieve this, the group reimagines the way their art is practiced to find concrete solutions to environmental challenges.

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Cirque Branché

Branché is a collaboration between Cirque Barcode and Acting for Climate. It is a contemporary circus show to address the climate crisis, created in a way as to have minimal impact during creation and while touring.

Designed to be played in parks or forests and centered on group acrobatics, Branché is a celebration of the strength of community and our relationships to each other and to nature. It is a show to get people outside and inspire them as to what is possible if we work together.

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Fundy Mud Pottery

Fundy Mud Pottery is Jim Kitts digging and processes local clays to produce pottery, often with woven handles or other touches sourced from the sea, the beach or the woodlot. Fundy Mud Pottery supports the local farmers market, is active in construction of earth battery greenhouse, small homes, woodlot chainsaw milling of construction timber. There is a clown entity, ‘Ole Star,’ a music handpan and shakuhachi entity known as Jampan, and a film entity for clay process education, see our video below.

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