Joyce Majiski

Joyce’s work examines connection to place/north and the natural world.  Past careers as a biologist and wilderness adventure guide in the Yukon Territory, Canada have augmented and contributed to her artistic practice and taken her to remote wild spaces in the north and elsewhere. She is a keen observer and collector of objects, fascinated by the complex intricacy and interdependence between ecosystems and all living beings.  

Majiski’s uses a range of media including drawing, painting, handmade paper, collage, sculpture and illustration although she has a passion for printmaking. Since 2016, Joyce has been addressing the theme of Water, creating a series of large scale installations in Spain, Mexico and the Yukon. Using a variety of materials such as monoprints, artists books, ocean salvaged plastic and styrofoam, a large fishing net and found objects along with projections and sound in 2 of the 3 locations. Her diverse interests are reflected in an intuitive approach to making art, moving from one media to another as the work demands.

One of her artworks was selected by the Foreign Affairs Design Team to be turned into a hand tufted Carpet, reflective of the natural environment of the Yukon Territory. This carpet was placed in the Yukon Room in the renovated Canadian Embassy, (Canada House) in Trafalgar Square, London.

Joyce has been invited to multiple artists residences in 11 countries and has toured her own solo exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, the US and Europe. She is the instigator of programs such as the Artist in the Park program in Ivvavik National Park, Art Under Pressure Giant Steam roller print event and other Yukon based and collaborative international art projects. Majiski is the creator of three permanent installation pieces in the City of Whitehorse.

Joyce has been exhibiting her art since she was 16. She has lived and worked in the Yukon since 1984.

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