Yolanda Weeks

Yo is an installation artist, community arts facilitator, and art director out of Montréal/Tiohtià:ke. Rooted in land and fiber arts, she forages, sources and needle felts natural materials into large scale creations. Yo’s Nomadic Nest installation and performance series contemplates constructs and concepts of home, territory, security, migration, and movement. The act of cocooning herself and others in these giant nest-like ephemeral creations aims to comfort, confront and ultimately connect its inhabitants to a deeper sense of belonging (to the land, to themselves, to the world outside the warmth of these deciduous homes). These unique pieces and immersive experiences serve as a reminder to her and others to tread lightly on the land.

Her work in community arts centre’s on accessible frameworks, environmentally engaged expression and creative empowerment.

The artist currently nests in the Eastern Townships of Québec, Abenaki Territory, and the Lower Mainland of British-Columbia, Coast Salish Territory. Her ancestors reside in the Netherlands, Ireland, and England.

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