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Carolyn Deby / sirenscrossing

sirenscrossing is an international, collaborative umbrella for a transdisciplinary site-specific practice. We think of humans as only one node of liveliness in the interweave of the living Earth. Through creating audience experiences in everyday spaces, we deepen into the lived reality of humans (even those in cities) and their sympoietic mesh with nonhumans, landscapes, and Earth systems. sirenscrossing seeks to enliven individual human’s awareness of their spiritual, biological, ecological, social, and technological entanglement in multispecies and hybrid bio/geo/techno processes. All of this has become increasingly urgent, on a planet in crisis. We hope to contribute to a tidal surge of momentum for change. Commissioned artist for Coventry UK City of Culture (2021-2022).

Canadian Carolyn Deby is lead artist for sirenscrossing and a prairie-bred settler with strong (lived) connection to the Montane Cordillera and Pacific Maritime eco-regions of Turtle Island. sirenscrossing projects have taken place in Canada, Sweden, and England. Site specific and collaborative, the work proposes the urban as a ‘wild continuum’ or urbanwild: a field of converging flows and energies encompassing organic and elemental movements, and equally, social formations and technologically reconstructed ‘nature’. Whatever the context, all bodies are considered to be co-performing; human and non-human, audience, passers-by, and sirenscrossing artist(s). The audience experience embraces multiple ways of knowing; a rich intermingling of the conscious, unconscious, cognitive, felt and sensed.

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