Winegarden.Christy - 11x14 - $400.00 Bonded - Hahnenmule fine art paper, unframed

Christy Winegarden

All of my photographic work explores the role that objects play in forming personal histories. The series Forage contemplates how humans might live in harmony with nature using found organic materials in combination with images of people.

The feeling of grief produced by environmental change directly connected to one’s home environment, is known as Solastalgia. The impact of human destruction and urban sprawl on naturalized spaces in our neighbourhoods has an adverse effect on our sense of identity. Wilderness loss also causes more contact between animals and humans, and with this, the spread of viral transmission. Thus, the discussion of our own destructiveness becomes imperative at this time.

In these images, forest debris is used to suggest a new relationship with the natural world. As the natural fragments engulf and embrace humanity, they suggest new possibilities for restoration. By using the same models repeatedly in the series, my intention is to have the photographs act as mirrors and encourage reflection on the topic.

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