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Just Breathe, Okâwîmâskiy

Co-created by Cree dance artist Sandra Lamouche and settler dance artist Melanie Kloetzel/kloetzel&co., Just Breathe, Okâwîmâskiy takes audience on an immersive journey into and out

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10 ways to fix the planet

10 Ways to fix the planet

With support from a Digital Now grant from Canada Council for the Arts, TRAction introduces the 10 WAYS PROJECT, a social media series that deepens the dialogue between the arts and the social and environmental challenges of the contemporary moment.

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conscient podcast logo

conscient podcast

The conscient podcast is a series of conversations and monologues about art and the ecological crisis. This podcast is bilingual (in either English or French). Episode notes are translated.

I started the conscient project in 2020 as a personal learning journey and knowledge sharing exercise. It has been rewarding, and sometimes surprising.

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Apocalypse Play / Two Birds Theatre

Two Birds Theatre is developing Apocalypse Play for performance in an urban park. It’s a serious comedy for terrifying times, an intergenerational auto-fictional collaboration about climate anxiety, grief and the legacy of arts activism and motherhood, created and performed by mother/daughter feminist theatre artists Natasha Greenblatt and Kate Lushington. Originally sparked by Natasha’s desire to interrogate her mother Kate’s satirical anti-nuclear performance pieces from the 1980’s (when she herself was born), this history has become especially potent now that Natasha is having her own child. Is it possible to make art and find connection, courage and community in the face of a precarious global future?

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Mark Heine … project name is “Sirens”

Artist and Author Mark Heine has come to realize he’s a story teller. Writing has long been a key component in his creative process. A written narrative accompanies each of his paintings, and several of his articles on painting have been published. The symbiotic relationship of these two distinct disciplines has led to a unique approach to both. His paintings, all captured moments in a larger story. Bringing one of those stories to life – to larger than life – marrying fiction to painting, is the focus of his most recent works … the Sirens series. His Sirens book is a work of fiction in the genre of magical realism and intended for young adults. The story examines humankind’s ambiguous and often destructive relationship with the natural world. Heine hopes the underlying message of his writing will promote sustainable thinking and environmental stewardship in young people. Each of his Sirens paintings is the visualization of a key moment in his manuscript.

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This Singing Land kanikamot askiy

The Saskatchewan prairies are filled with light and spirit and life. This Singing Land, kanikamot askiy invites you to explore this inspiring landscape in the company of some of the province’s most accomplished writers. Think of it as a “literary field guide” to the plants, insects, birds and animals of the northern plains.

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Cirque Branché

Branché is a collaboration between Cirque Barcode and Acting for Climate. It is a contemporary circus show to address the climate crisis, created in a way as to have minimal impact during creation and while touring.

Designed to be played in parks or forests and centered on group acrobatics, Branché is a celebration of the strength of community and our relationships to each other and to nature. It is a show to get people outside and inspire them as to what is possible if we work together.

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