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Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino is a Portuguese-Canadian multi-disciplinary performer, performing arts educator, movement coach, arts facilitator, LGBTQ+ activist and community organizer. His work is oftentimes collaborative, site-specific, participatory,

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conscient podcast

The conscient podcast is a series of conversations and monologues about art and the ecological crisis. This podcast is bilingual (in either English or French). Episode notes are translated.

I started the conscient project in 2020 as a personal learning journey and knowledge sharing exercise. It has been rewarding, and sometimes surprising.

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Killa Watt

Killa Watt’s performances and personas are neither created nor destroyed. Their performances are a constant source of transformation and evolution. They’re a blend of rock, nerd, geek and everything in between. Let Killa Watt resonate in your neuro-circuits.

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Project SculpShore

Project SculptShore is a Art, Action, and Education initiative launching for its first of many campaigns on World Oceans Day June 8th 2022.

For our first installment we have partnered with local artist at the BernArt Maze in creating a life size baby North Atlantic Right Whale sculpture, modeled after the calf of Snow Cone, the North Atlantic Right Whale featured in the documentary, Last of the Right Whales. This interactive sculpture is fillable and will be used to collect washed-up debris during organized shoreline cleanups across the Maritimes. We will be engaging communities in shoreline cleanups by creating a social media sought-after summer selfie with our baby whale. Changing the narrative of conservation engagement from focusing on the problem to showing people that they are, and can continue to be an integral part of the solution, leaving them educated, empowered, excited to participate in other initiatives.

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Green Kids Inc.

Green Kids Inc. is a live-theatre company dedicated to environmental education through performance! Our mission is to educate children, teachers and families on environmental issues and inspire them to be tomorrow’s leaders by taking positive action towards protecting our environment.

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Minoya Magendrathajan

Minoya is an artist and educator, with an educational background in linguistics and psychology. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. An advocate the healing properties of art-making, Minoya paints en plein air to ground herself during walks along the Credit River. As she began to notice changes in seasonal patterns, her practice which started as a means of meditation has turned into a series of sketches tracking the changing landscape by the Credit River in Ontario. Minoya seeks to understand the extent to which human activity affects these changes and hopes to learn how this impact can be mitigated. Through CAW, Minoya hopes to form connections with other climate action advocates to enrich both her artistic and teaching practice.

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Monique Mojica -Chocolate Woman Collective

Monique is passionately dedicated to a theatrical practice as an act of resistance. Spun directly from the family-web of New York’s Spiderwoman Theater, her theatrical practice mines stories embedded in the body. Her first play Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots was produced in 1990 and is widely taught in curricula internationally. She is the co-editor, with Ric Knowles, of Staging Coyote’s Dream: An Anthology of First Nations Drama in English, vols. I & II and the upcoming vol.III, co-edited with Lindsay Lachance.

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Hemispheric Encounters: Ecologies Research Cluster

Hemispheric Encounters: Developing Transborder Research-Creation Practices brings together scholars, artists, activists, and community organizations from across the Americas to explore hemispheric performance as an artistic practice for addressing social and environmental justice. The Ecologies cluster considers site-based performance strategies that address politics of land (and agencies of its more-than human inhabitants), as well as spatial politics of occupying public spaces. We delve into legacies of transnational resource extraction and land politics.

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No.9 is a cultural organization that provides youth with creative educational tools to address Climate Change and to foster dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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