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Thimbleberry Magazine

Thimbleberry Magazine celebrates Northern BC art and culture, including fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art, and cultural commentary. It will publish original creative work and feature regular columnists who will document the cultural life of Northern BC. Thimbleberry is committed to serving all of Northern BC’s regions, reflecting the cultural life of the place, whether it be urban or rural, mountain or coast, settler or indigenous, celebrating its energy and angst.

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Omineca Arts Centre

Omineca’s mandate is “a safe space for creativity to flourish” and our Mission Statement is “Omineca Arts Centre will create space and opportunity for innovative, multidisciplinary, collaborative, and marginalized art forms within the Omineca region.” Our Core Values are: Welcoming, Innovative, Inclusive, Community-minded, Supportive, Accessible and Sustainable.The Omineca Arts Centre is an interdisciplinary, locally-led artist run centre that is grounded in arts-based community development. Omineca continues to facilitate collaboration and diversify opportunities for emerging & professional visual, literary, musical and performing artists. The centre is located in a storefront in the pedestrian core of Prince George’s downtown. Our aim is to co-develop meaningful and collaborative artistic projects, experiences, and models for catalyzing arts and culture in the Omineca region, while prioritizing inclusivity, responsiveness, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Alison Beaumont

Alison Beaumont is a multidisciplinary artist living on the traditional and unceded territory of the Sylix Okanagan peoples, her work is primarily focussed on climate awareness and her own experiences of connection to land and ecological sorrow. She hopes through art that she can inspire changes in our daily existence to avert the climate crisis. We all have a part to play, no matter how small. Incrementally changes build, if we preserve our forests and old growth, biodiversity can rebuild, if we consciously consume less, our resources and water can flourish again. Each small act builds and grows, the Earth will survive without us, but we cannot survive if we do not change our actions and ways of knowing and doing.

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