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Carolyn Deby / sirenscrossing

Carolyn Debt sirenscrossing

sirenscrossing is an international, collaborative umbrella for a transdisciplinary site-specific practice. We think of humans as only one node of liveliness in the interweave of the living Earth. Through creating audience experiences in everyday spaces, we deepen into the lived reality of humans (even those in cities) and their sympoietic mesh with nonhumans, landscapes, and Earth systems. sirenscrossing seeks to enliven individual human’s awareness of their spiritual, biological, ecological, social, and technological entanglement in multispecies and hybrid bio/geo/techno processes. All of this has become increasingly urgent, on a planet in crisis. We hope to contribute to a tidal surge of momentum for change. Commissioned artist for Coventry UK City of Culture (2021-2022).

Christy Winegarden

Winegarden.Christy - 11x14 - $400.00 Bonded - Hahnenmule fine art paper, unframed

All of my photographic work explores the role that objects play in forming personal histories. The series Forage contemplates how humans might live in harmony with nature using found organic materials in combination with images of people.

The feeling of grief produced by environmental change directly connected to one’s home environment, is known as Solastalgia. The impact of human destruction and urban sprawl on naturalized spaces in our neighbourhoods has an adverse effect on our sense of identity. Wilderness loss also causes more contact between animals and humans, and with this, the spread of viral transmission. Thus, the discussion of our own destructiveness becomes imperative at this time.

Heather Adair

water 2 - LULU

My art creations go from finding materials, to repurposing my own garbage into the pieces as these WATER discs are made from found wood, photos of manhole covers that say WATER and then I collage to make a mosiac using milk cartons. I have always been interested in repurposing materials as I also design bags, pouches, yoga bags and pants using repurposed or recycled textiles.

Heather McCaig

Heather McCaig

Heather McCaig is a flameworked glass artist from Ontario, who now lives near Sussex, New Brunswick. In 2019 she transitioned from her production glass line to creating one of a kind fine craft. Heather has received a scholarship to the Pittsburgh Glass Center in the United States and generous support from the New Brunswick Arts Board. In August of 2021, Heather displayed her gallery series titled Shadows, a statement about Canada’s threatened ecosystems and the climate crisis at AX: The Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex. This exhibition was selected by Canadian Heritage and the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture to represent New Brunswick at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Heather’s upcoming solo exhibition Together we Bloom will be on display at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in November, 2022. Heather is an active board member and the secretary with the New Brunswick Crafts Council (Craft NB).

Jamie Drouin

Jamie Drouin - ARTIFACT

Drouin’s diverse photographic artworks examine the evolving definitions of landscape, and the often contentious relationship between human modifications and natural ecosystems.

Aquil Virani

Aquil Virani

Awarded as “Artist of the year” by the Quebec-based artist collective “Les artistes pour la paix,” Aquil Virani’s collaborative art projects combine painting, drawing, filmmaking, writing, graphic design, installation, and participatory art processes and ask important questions about social and environmental justice. In 2021, he was named the first ever national artist-in-residence at the Canadian Museum of Immigration. 

Virginia Gail Smith

Virginia Gail Smith

Virginia is a public and installation artist, currently working in Petawawa, Omàmìwininìwag -Algonquin territory. She is interested in forging a language rooted in her connection with family and the earth. Exploring the marrying of food into art with growing biological forms enveloping foraged local plant life, creating with the context of walking gently. Conversations mingle with the honouring of culture, family and connection to the land in a collaborative public walking tour of sculptures, stories and songs with traditional knowledge keepers Trish Nadjiwon-Meekins, Susan Staves (Schank) in Owen Sound of the Saukiing Anishnaabekiing (SON). She also may use a climate language of cardboard and plastic to initiate dialogue on what is next for us and the earth. Her ancestors reside in England and the Ukraine.

conscient podcast

conscient podcast logo

The conscient podcast is a series of conversations and monologues about art and the ecological crisis. This podcast is bilingual (in either English or French). Episode notes are translated.

I started the conscient project in 2020 as a personal learning journey and knowledge sharing exercise. It has been rewarding, and sometimes surprising.

Killa Watt

Stephnie Watson images

Killa Watt’s performances and personas are neither created nor destroyed. Their performances are a constant source of transformation and evolution. They’re a blend of rock, nerd, geek and everything in between. Let Killa Watt resonate in your neuro-circuits.

Project SculpShore

Project SculptShore is a Art, Action, and Education initiative launching for its first of many campaigns on World Oceans Day June 8th 2022.

For our first installment we have partnered with local artist at the BernArt Maze in creating a life size baby North Atlantic Right Whale sculpture, modeled after the calf of Snow Cone, the North Atlantic Right Whale featured in the documentary, Last of the Right Whales. This interactive sculpture is fillable and will be used to collect washed-up debris during organized shoreline cleanups across the Maritimes. We will be engaging communities in shoreline cleanups by creating a social media sought-after summer selfie with our baby whale. Changing the narrative of conservation engagement from focusing on the problem to showing people that they are, and can continue to be an integral part of the solution, leaving them educated, empowered, excited to participate in other initiatives.

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